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  • Delicate Affair with Detachable Earrings You are not fully dressed until you sparkle! The statement seems to be true for every girl who loves wearing jewellery, especially earrings. From the sparkling studs, danglers to jhumkis’, every pair...Read More

  • Own the perfect Monsoon jewellery look Happy Monsoon! The season of drizzles, rainbows and love is embracing the skies again. The rainy season is the most awaited as everyone just loves to get wet in the rain, to have fun and party under the...Read More

  • Dazzling jewellery gifts for your sibling this Rakhsha Bandhan The silly fights, annoying jokes, laughing together, protecting each other and many more moments make sibling-shibling a bond like no other. No matter how many friends you love to hang out with, but with...Read More

  • Are you wearing your jewellery right? “Jewellery has the power to be this one thing which can make you feel unique”, is a true saying. Be it Diamonds, Gold, Pearls, or any other kind of Jewellery; a girl can never have enough. With many...Read More

  • Star Jewel – Dazzling Peacock Pendant Peacocks symbolize new beginnings and eternal life! The rare and enigmatic beauty of its feathers has always enchanted everyone and its exuberant nature made it Krishna’s proud crown. Peacock’s feather...Read More

  • Jewellery checklist to attend a destination wedding Weddings are the beautiful moments that not only write happily ever after, but also bring along all the loved ones’ together. The preparations start months ago and the wedding celebrations lasts a week,...Read More

  • Most romantic proposal ideas she won't be able to turn down Being in love is the most beautiful feeling in life, but marrying the person you love is the greatest feeling in the world. It is like a beautiful dream coming true. And the journey of togetherness starts...Read More

  • Tales of Bangles - Traditions and Significance Bangles that behold! Be it the shiny, Gold dipped, Diamond layered or any other designed Bangle; its beauty and charm enchant everyone. They not only are associated with marital and auspicious events,...Read More

  • Colorstrology - Birthstones and their significance Month: January BirthStone: Garnet This stone is a symbol of faith. Its attributes are love and constancy. It prevents nightmares, provides directional guidance in darkness to the wearers. It is observed...Read More

  • Even dads love a little bling – Father’s Day gift ideas “Dad is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love”, is a true saying. He has always been an inspiration for you and shown you the path towards a life of fulfillment. Though dads are not that...Read More

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