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Raajtanay Zaveri- Founder and Partner at ARAANZ


Raajtanay Zaveri finished his undergraduate studies in the US and then got himself enrolled at the famous Gemological Institute of America better known, as GIA.


He is a seventh generation Jeweller and has been trained for 2 years under his grandfather Padmashree Kishorebhai Zaveri, the founder of the flagship store. With the name and trust running in his family business for generations, he started an online portal of selling jewellery with the same quality and finesse. His vision was to sell only Diamond jewellery and that is when ARAANZ was incorporated.


Selling jewellery online can be a challenge as consumers want the hands on feeling when purchasing high value products. At ARAANZ, we make sure that what you see is what you get and we firmly stand by this. Raajtanay look into matters where management, operations, stock taking, and delivery is concerned. At Araanz, we take a keen interest in the up and trendy designs out there in the jewellery world.